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iOS开源 - 复制 iOS 样式库到 Sketch 以改善、加速设计流程

iOS开源 - 复制 iOS 样式库到 Sketch 以改善、加速设计流程

I’ve decided to take styles from Xcode and do my best to replicate them for Sketch. Along the way, I documented the process of how I ended up with the result so you can look into things even further.


The API doesn't provide any specs for blurs, so it's a challange to replicate. For performance concerns, I understand why Apple isn't open about these specs. However, as designers I think we shuold be aware of these constraints and design with them.


Open UIBlurEffectStyle.sketch

Copy style of a blur type

Paste style to any shape


Created a few colorful shapes to blur

Rendered and exported all three types of blur over the shapes in Xcode:




Replicated each blur type in Sketch


Apple’s system fonts are designed for legibility and provide a variety of sizes which automatically react to accessibility features. You can read more about why it’s best to use system fonts on the iOS Human Interface Guidelines .


Open UIFontTextStyle.sketch

Copy & Paste artboard into Sketch document

Assign texts to a system style


Made a list of all ten text styles:











Printed out the specs in Xcode (e.g. UIFontTextStyle(_rawValue: UICTFontTextStyleTitle1): .SFUIDisplay-Light, 28 )

Used font tracking recommends

Get Involved

Suggest a style

Create anew issue

Describe the iOS style that should be replicated

:sparkles: Bonus: Follow the issue to provide feedback

Leave feedback

Create anew issue

Mention which style you have feedback on

:sparkles: Bonus: Follow the issue to provide feedback



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